RISKCURVES: Comprehensive Quantitative Risk Analysis

Take multiple accident scenarios and assets into account and quantify individual, societal and consequence risk. Our software is backed up by many years of extensive research and worldwide results acceptance.

Perform advanced QRA’s using a single comprehensive software suite. Easily set up and present QRA’s whether expert or occasional user. Save on license costs and have the flexibility to work anywhere you want


QRA software for safety professionals

RISKCURVES from Gexcon is an advanced software for performing quantitative risk analysis (QRA) for storing and transporting dangerous substances in process, chemical and petrochemical facilities.

The software presents calculation results in a range of ways, including location-specific individual risk contours (LSIR), FN curves, and risk ranking reports. You can use ‘analysis points’ to analyse the risk contribution of scenarios in specific locations.

RISKCURVES is built on the Coloured Books principles and is used and accepted worldwide in a wide variety of safety studies

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