As South East Asia's leading Risk Management Solutions Specialist we offer a wide range of Fire Protection, Emergency Management and Emergency Response Solutions & Products.

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Since 1980, the WILLIAMS FIRE & HAZARD CONTROL Response Team has responded worldwide to land and marine based flammable liquid fires, building a history of successful extinguishments — in many cases doing what our contemporaries thought to be impossible.

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Gexcon is a world-leading company in the field of safety and risk management and advanced dispersion, explosion,\ and fire modelling.

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Our engineered protection enhances the quality of your asset

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Dynamic Air Shelters are the solution to virtually any shelter need – highly durable, quickly deployable, and built for efficiency.

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With over ten years experience in the gas industry we are proud to produce our own brand of high pressure breathing apparatus cylinders. BreatheAir cylinders are manufactured to the highest global certification and specifically designed for self contained breathing apparatus and emergency escape breathing devices. BreatheAir is a brand developed by Scientific Gas Australia, a thriving company with an extensive range of cylinders. To know more about us and about our products, get in touch with us today.

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Everything you need for your drug and alcohol testing policy implementation. From Australian Standards AS3547 certified breathalysers to on-site alcohol and drug testing services.

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ANSUL® is a global premium brand of Tyco Fire Protection Products. ANSUL special hazard fire protection products are designed and manufactured to strict standards and tested under the scrutiny of national and international independent testing laboratories and approval agencies.

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INLEx Engineering is a provider of technical and quality control services to the Resource, Energy, Grain & Power Generation industries. We specialise in Electrical Equipment Located in Hazardous Areas and Third Party Compliance Inspections.

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RS International Spill Solutions Limited was formed in 2022 as an independent entity delivering oil spill training, exercises, consultancy and with the ability to support organizations during a response.

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MineARC Systems is the global leader in controlled environments and safety technologies for the underground mining, tunnelling, chemical processing, disaster relief and biotechnology industries. We specialise in the manufacture and supply of emergency refuge chambers, safe havens, disaster shelters and grow chambers, as well as a range of remote monitoring, tracking and communications technologies that allow full integration in heavy industrial applications.

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Irudek is a Spanish based company that aims to create innovative and high-quality products with outstanding quality and maximum comfort. Irudek has become one of the largest manufacturers of fall arrest products, lifelines, and other occupational hazards, becoming one of the leading companies in this sector.

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Scott SCBA has been designed for Industrial Fire Fighting environments. The Scott range has been approved to EN137:2006 Type 2, and incorporating the stringent Full Flame Engulfment Test.

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Imperial Fire Extinguisher Company Limited, the leader in the fire extinguisher and fire extinguishing equipment business in Thailand.

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We have a range of protective garments and accessory products with a particular emphasis on structural and proximity firefighting garments.

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