Explosion & Dispersion Modelling Software

Our powerful industry-leading computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software simulates the dispersion of hazardous materials, fire and explosion with results that you can trust.

Designed for ease of use and multiple environments, FLACS-CFD represents more than 40 years of extensive and unrivalled modelling and validation work based on real life testing.

FLACS-CFD is a suite of 3D computational fluid dynamic tools with a series of standard modules and additional bolt-ons designed to meet specific requirements. These can be leased separately or as a package and are effective for a wide range of users including facility operators who require quick answers to engineering questions through to consultants who need to perform large in-depth risk studies. All licence holders receive full training on how to use the software.

With continuous development and investment, FLACS-CFD helps raise the true level of safety for complex industrial environments. Future improvements include mesh geometry handling, adaptive mesh refinement and risk handling.

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