EFFECTS: Advanced Process Hazard Analysis

Determine the effects and consequences of any loss-of-containment scenario in the chemical industry. Our easy-to-use software is based on years of extensive research and internationally recognised standards.

Analyse an incident scenario from the initial release up to its far-field effects. Easily operate the software whether expert or occasional user. Save on license costs and have the flexibility to work anywhere you want


Process Hazard Analysis software for safety professionals

EFFECTS from Gexcon is an advanced yet user-friendly software to analyse the effects and consequences of the accidental release of dangerous chemicals in process, chemical and petrochemical facilities. It calculates heat radiation from fires, over-pressures from explosions, toxic concentrations and doses from dispersion, and much more.

EFFECTS is originally based on the “Yellow Book” and has been continuously expanded and improved since then for more than 35 years. It is used and accepted worldwide as a reference in a wide variety of safety studies.

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